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AllStar Platinums' Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services

The appearance of your home or office provides the atmosphere for all that happens there.  If it is organized and professionally cleaned it will help to create an environment that encourages relaxation in the home and productivity in the workplace.

AllStar Platinums' Cleaning Services has clients throughout South Carolina, offering a variety of commercial and residential services.                                                                                              AllStar Platinum provides commercial janitorial cleaning services and residential cleaning services including:

  • Building maintenance
  • General office cleaning
  • Stripping and waxing of floors
  • Referrals for carpet and window cleaning
  • Maid service
Our clients include:
  • Retail spaces – small and large
  • Commercial office buildings
  • Small office spaces
  • Churches and schools
  • Health facilities
  • Residences
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Residential Cleaning Services

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