AllStar Platinum Detailing and Cleaning service



   Our AllStar Platinum trained and certified Detail Professional is gonna wash your vehicle by hand; clean and dress your rims an tires; Apply a spray wax that will keep your vehicle looking just waxed and polished till it is time to protect and shine again; clean and treat your dashboard, windows and door jams; we also purge the dirt and allergens out of your vents, under your seats and out all of the hard to reach places...


      Our Maintenance pack offers a bonus of incentives: (Free)

                                                                                            3 months            Engine Detail 

                                                                                            6 months           Clay bar and wax

                                                                                            9 months           Shampoo of carpets

                                                                                           12 months          3 phase buffing 


 Maintenance pack starts @       $50 and up           Suv's $60 and up

      * Price are different for each vehicle; no 2 vehicles are the same

      * VIP accounts are @ 15% discount  




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    J. Isble
    "Very Satisfied Mom"
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