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  Please use the list below to give you an idea how much your home cleaning and maid service would cost. Keep in mind, this is just an estimate based on what we consider "normal" home conditions. And, this chart works 90% of the time. However, we have the right to make adjustments when we consider "unexpected" conditions, the other 10% of the time. Price quote confirmation (or adjustment) is provided upon arrival after evaluating property condition.    

Weekend rate has an additional $20 charge and holidays have an additional $30 charge. Add $20 to the price on the list if the services are performed Saturdays or Sundays and add $30 if the services are performed on a holiday. 

No hidden or unexpected additional charges. What you see is what you pay. 

*There is a $45 charge for cancellation without a 24-hour notice


For New Clients
Estimated Home Cleaning and Maid Service Rates 
(Home evaluation is necessary, rates are confirmed upon arrival, rates may vary based onhome conditions).  These Estimates Should Be Considered Non-Binding Estimates. Rates are confirmed (or adjusted) after visual inspection of property. 

For Existing Clients 
Important: If your new cleaning appointment is longer than one week (since we last cleaned your home) you'll be charged the biweekly rate, if longer than two weeks you'll be charged the monthly rate, monthly rate is the same as the initial cleaning rate. 

Square Footage          Weekly        Bi-Weekly             Monthly Initial Cleaning

Up To 1000 sq feet           80              90                      100                     100

1000-1200  sq feet           85             95                       110                      110
1300-1500 sq feet            90             100                      140                     140 
1600-1800 sq feet             95            105                      170                     170

1900-2100 sq feet            105            115                     200                     200

2200-2400 sq feet            105             120                     235                    235

2500-2600 sq feet            110             130                      255                   255 

2700-2800 sq feet            120             140                      275                   275

2900-3000 sq feet            125             150                      205                    205

3100-3200 sq feet            130             160                      310                    310

3300-3500 sq feet            135             170                      330                    330

3600-3800 sq feet            140             180                      360                    360

3900-4200 sq feet            145             190                      390                    390

4300-4600 sq feet            155             200                      425                    425

4700-5000sq feet             165             210                      440                    440

Over 5000sq feet             450+  We would have to make an appointment and evaluate the home to determine the price. 

*Don't need the entire home cleaned? We also offer partial cleaning (Call to see if we can make a partial/hourly arrangement).

Move-In/Out Rates
Square Footage          Price

Up To 1000 sq feet          160                          
1000-1200  sq feet           170                        
1300-1500 sq feet            180           
1600-1800 sq feet            190                     
1900-2100 sq feet            200                   
2200-2400 sq feet            210           
2500-2600 sq feet            220                  
2700-2800 sq feet            230                      
2900-3000 sq feet            240                
3100-3200 sq feet            250                     
3300-3500 sq feet            265               
3600-3800 sq feet            285               
3900-4200 sq feet            325                 
4300-4600 sq feet            355                 
4700-5000sq feet             390                   
Over 5000sq feet            475+  We would have to make an appointment and evaluate the home to determine the price.  

Refrigerator inside $15
Stove inside $15
Refrigerator inside &  Stove inside $25
Windows outside
$5/per window
Balcony $15

For Capet, Upholstery, Air Duct & Dryer Vent, and Tile & Grout Rates call for pricing.

Due to the diversity of businesses we would have to come out and evaluate the property to give you you an accurate estimate of the cost. If you are interested in having your business cleaned and maintained by AllStar Platinum House Cleaning and Maid Service please contact us to set up and evaluation appointment.  

Gift Certificates
Give the Gift Of A Clean Home!

What do you get the person who has everything and a place to put it?

A Gift Certificates for House Cleaning Service and Maid Service will amaze that special someone, showing them just how much you care.  Whether it's a gift for a busy mom, a deserving wife, a working family or your empty-nest parents, someone for whom you know and care will love the gift of free housecleaning services from AllStar Platinum's House Cleaning and Maid Service Columbia, Lexington and surrounding areas.  Choose from Gift Certificates in various denominations or order one of our "savings-packed" Gift Packages! 
Individual Gift Certificates  

Want to customize your own house cleaning gift?  Not sure how large your loved one's home is and need some help?  Individual Gift Certificates in various denominations are available for purchase.

Gift certificates are available in the following amounts:

Or any other amount you desire

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