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Quotes Quality Excellent I can't say enough good things about the folks at All Star Platinum Detailing. They were able to fit me in with only 20 minutes notice late on a Sunday, with a filthy car (and a ton of work that needed to be done). They promised me they would get it done before they quit for the day, and they weren't lying. They worked until past midnight to get my car back to me, and when I did get it back, it was like it was brand new. My dog had taken over the back seat, and her hair was everywhere, but when they were done it was hard to tell that an animal had ever been in my car. All the hair was gone, even out of the places you wouldn't think to look, and the scratched up leather seats had a new lease on life. The quality of work and the attitude of the people doing it impressed me more than I can say, and I plan on calling them again next time my car needs some TLC. Quotes
Andrew Palmer
Satisfied customer

Quotes Overall Excellent My husband bought me a new car for our twins, and he took my old one, a 2000. I wanted to have it cleaned for him since we weren't getting a second new car. Local detailing places just weren't cutting it, so I found All Star Platinum Detailing online in a Google search. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! They are super friendly, have amazing rates, and made my car look brand new! You will not be disappointed! They are the only car cleaning service I trust either of our cars to from here forward! Quotes
J. Isble
"Very Satisfied Mom"

Quotes Overall Excellent I guess you could say I'm a bit over protective of my car. Within the first week of ownership though it gained a few scratches just from one of those standard gas station car washes. I was devastated and looked up who to go to on google and came across All Star Platinum Detailing Service. From the get go, Mr. Marvin and his crew were so warm and kind to me that I almost felt as though they had been old friends of mine. They squeezed me into their already busy schedule,worked hard to get out those scratches, and as everyone else seems to be, I was incredible pleased with the quality of materials they used as well as the final results. I move out of Columbia soon but I may just have to make the trip back to work with the people there. Quotes
Mike Zimmerman
Car Lover

Quotes Quality Excellent Simply put, my experience with All Star Platinum Detailing in Lexington was a 10, out of 10 ... The entire team at All Star more than exceeded my expectations, I could go on and on about all the same things everyone else has, (see below) because I had the same experience! Plain and simple, these are just good people, they care about you and take pride in what they do. Their very reasonable and they cater their services to your needs. They came and picked up my vehicle and when I asked if it could be dropped off at a different location, they said ?no problem?. I couldn't meet them until 9 pm; once again, they said ?no problem? and genuinely didn't mind doing it. They are ?ALL Star? and I recommend them to all my friends and family! Quotes
Dave Smith